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Here is my library of strategies and tips for poker players. There is a wide variety of articles listed below, and I try to keep it interesting in terms of what is here. Remember that there is no 100% perfect way to play poker. None of these articles, or any articles out there, will make you the perfect player. These will help you form your rational thought process that all successful poker players have. Much of the game is situational and based on reads, and this is why it may make sense to fold your aces sometimes and push all-in other times. It just depends.

With that being said I have pieced together some great articles from actual winning poker players. If you happen to see a link placed in any of the articles then that means the piece was written by the guy who owns the site that is linked to. I recommend you give their sites a read as well since they are top notch players and writers. Note: All strategies relate to Texas Hold'em unless otherwise noted.

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