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The Merge Network - What's it all About?

mergeThe Merge Network is a fast growing poker network with software that is thought of as some of the best in the industry. You may have played at one of the Merge rooms listed below

  • Aced Poker
  • Carbon Poker
  • PDC Poker
  • Poker Nordica
  • Iron Duke Poker
  • PokerCity
  • Walker Poker
  • Reefer Poker
  • Was Poker
  • RPM Poker
  • Optimus Poker
  • Lucky Hog Poker
  • Jam Poker
  • Spin32 Poker


As you can see there are some pretty prominent rooms currently using the Merge platform to power their poker rooms.

The good thing about Merge rooms is that they offer features that are unique from other online poker sites. Merge’s software offers cool features like the deal it twice all in feature. This allows player to both agree to deal the remaining cards twice and split the pot between the two sets of cards. No other poker site offers this.

Unique Merge Features

The Merge software also offers some unique tournament features. Bounty tournaments, which reward players for knocking out other players, are very common on the merge platform. Also, shootout tournaments in which several tables compete for a spot at the final table are a new Merge feature. Heads up shootouts are fairly popular. This allows for bracket like competition.

Best Merge Network Poker Site

Currently the best room on the Merge network is Aced. Their custom player rewards program is off the charts. Read more about their OUTS rewards program at

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