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Maximizing a Poker Room's Rewards Program

With the competition heating up among the top online poker rooms, the offers from their so-called “loyalty” or VIP programs are following suit. No different than the comp programs that most every land based casino uses, these offer players perks as a reward for staying loyal and playing at a site such as Poker Stars. Since you’re playing online and every raked hand and tournament fee is tracked, these programs are very detailed and offer many great rewards to the player that frequents any one particular site.

I Don’t Need Another Tee Shirt or Hat

Great, because while those are still in plentiful supply at most sites the big boys are upping the ante. If poker chip sets aren’t enough to get you riled up, how about a Porsche? For the poker player that has it all, how about a 46 inch plasma television? For your bathroom. Fact is, there are so many items being offered by some sites now that it takes more than a few glances at their catalog to decide what you want to shoot for.

To remain competitive the big poker rooms such as Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars just keep upping the ante. You can exchange points to enter live events around the world, go to a concert, you name it. With the Poker Stars concierge service you can essentially just ask them to set up an event and if you have enough points, they will likely make it happen. No different than if you were a high roller at the Bellagio.

How to Get the Most from these Programs

Since nearly all VIP and loyalty programs use raked hands and tournament entries as the tracking method for your play, it’s best to play at one site and play a lot of hands. Did we mention that it’s best to stick to cash games? That’s right because tournament entry fees are only a few dollars and considering you can rake in hundreds of dollars in a session, the cash game is where it’s at if you’re working the system for a big comp.

The easiest way to accelerate your points earning is by multi-tabling. The math here is simple: if you earn x.xx points per hand then by multiplying that according x.xx X 4 tables = four times faster earnings. Now your new Porsche can be delivered in December just in time for Christmas instead of waiting until February when the snow will be out (the salt is bad for the chrome, you know).

The Top Programs Are:

The list for the top programs is relatively short if you’re looking for the big bling. Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker top the list, especially if you’re a US resident. Some of the smaller rooms that have good programs include Cake Poker and Titan Poker but no one has yet to come close to what the first two offer. The bottom is line is that if you’re looking to capitalize on this type of program you should look first and find something to shoot for. If the two rooms offer the same or similar merchandise, look at the point program and decide which one makes the most sense for you. Before you know it that new ride, television, or perhaps that lowly, wrinkled up tee shirt just may wind up on your doorstep. Read more on poker rewards programs.

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