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Ten Things you Should Know About Online Poker Players

  1. Chris MoneymakerAbout 70% of us suck at poker. We don’t have any business playing poker let alone trying to shoot the shit in the chat box like we are pro’s.

  2. We are superstitious. If we “feel” like we are getting bad beat more often at Full Tilt, we will switch to PokerStars. Once we are sat at a table at PokerStars and delivered a bad beat, we refer to it as “being FullTilted”.

  3. We have a blatant disregard for the value of money. If the wife comes home with a $70 pair of jeans it’s a big deal, however, we continuously play the $200 Sunday tournament every week. It’s weird how it works, but for some reason the money in your poker account doesn’t have the same value as the money in your bank account.

  4. If you ask us if we are up or down, our answer is always, “I dunno, I think I’m about even.” Chances are we are down, but who gives a shit. Being up wouldn’t feel so good if you were never down.

  5. It’s never our fault when we lose money. It is ALWAYS the dumb ass on Full Tilt’s fault. If he had just folded everything would have been fine. It’s all these horrible players that cause us to lose!

  6. We always do better in live games. You will always see us talking about our big wins from our live game in the chat box after having to buy in for the 3rd time.

  7. Chris Moneymaker sucks. We love to talk about how lucky that guy was when he won the WSOP back in the day. Anyone could have won with the cards he got at that final table.

  8. All of us own a copy of Doyle Brunson’s Super Systems. About 60% of us have read it. About 30% of us understand it.

  9. Most of us have no idea that you can look up how bad we suck on sites like SharkScope. Those of us that do know that most of their opponents are consistent losers.

  10. Online poker players are as cool as it gets. We love to hang out in poker forums and talk smack to the new guys and post immature links to Rick Astley videos.  Deal with it.


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