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Things to Consider When Choosing a Poker Room

Doyle BrunsonWhat type of bonus are you looking for?

If you want the most bang for your buck bonus wise you may want to choose a newer room like Aced that has a big bonus. If you aren’t concerned with bonuses and more concerned with player volume and traffic then you may want to try a bigger room like PokerStars.

What game will you play the most?

If it’s anything besides Texas Hold’em you may want to make double check and see if the room offers your game. Even if it does, there may not be much action. It’s probably best to go with a big room like Stars or FullTilt that offers plenty of variety as well as players.

Do you want rakeback?

Some poker rooms have a strict no rakeback policy while others will pay your rakeback to your poker account daily. Be sure to research for the best rakeback deal when contemplating playing at a room that provides rakeback.

Where do you live?

Depending on your location you may be limited to which poker rooms you can play at. If you are looking to play for real money double check to make sure that the poker room accepts customers from your region.If you are in the US, check out these poker sites that accept US players.

Are you a big tournament player?

If so you would want to go with a site that has lots of big money tournaments like Stars or Full Tilt. Also you could try Aced Poker since they are on the Merge network, which has a lot of players. They are a new site so there may not be as many huge money tournaments, but there will be plenty of sit n go’s and multi table tournaments.

What kind of loyalty program does the room offer?

Some rooms have more to offer than others when it comes to this area, so you may want to check out our run down of poker room loyalty programs.

Do you want to multi table?

If so go to pretty much any site besides Bodog. Bodog doesn’t allow you to tile your tables across the screen like Full Tilt does. Also stay away from Bodog unless you like jumping through a ton of hoops to cash out.

Do you like to watch pros?

Choosing a room with a ton of pro players will give you the opportunity to rail their matches and watch them win and lose thousands of dollars every hand. There is definitely some exciting action going on at the high stakes tables at some of these rooms. Full Tilt Poker has some great high stakes action.

Are you all about the game or all about having a good time?

If you like fast paced action and playing 7 tables at once you may want to go with PokerStars. If you like a little slower action and kick ass 3d animations you may want to go with a 3d poker site like PKR. It’s your choice.

Do you like freebies?

Some rooms offer a ton of freerolls and promotions for their players while other rooms choose to spend that money on big money buy in tournaments. It depends on whether or not you like to play in huge tournaments like the Sunday Million or weekly freerolls.


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