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Things to Consider When Playing Pocket Aces

  • Phil HellmuthPocket aces are favored to win against three or less players in the pot. Once there are 4 opponents against them they are no longer favored to win pre flop. All the more reason to bet and push the wannabe's out of the hand.

  • Slow playing your aces can lead to big disappointment when a bad hand cracks them. Getting some money into the pot pre flop narrows the field and keeps anyone from seeing the flop cheap with their bad hand.

  • You may want to limp in with your aces if you are in early position. Middle position you can consider doing the same thing. Late position would be a great place to raise in hopes of a re-raise.

  • Sometimes you need to wake up and realize that your aces are beat. If you limped in and three diamonds come out on the flop and the guy in front of you goes all in, it may be time to fold your aces. Don’t look like a chump that is overplaying their hand post flop just because.

  • Pocket aces are not invincible. I’ve seen them get beat plenty of times, usually when the person holding the aces is trying to slow play their opponents. They let someone see the flop for cheap who flopped a straight draw, and then they proceeded to let them see another card for cheap (thinking he had him trapped) which resulted in a straight. Next thing he knows the chips are moving the other way and he looks like an amateur.

  • If you miss a piece of the flop and you are pretty sure your opponent did too, bet harder. Chances are they have top/middle pair or a draw of some kind, and now would be a good time to push them out of the hand before they draw out on you.

  • If you are a beginner player you may want to consider going all in pre-flop with your pocket aces. This way you can be sure that no one will be in the pot with any rags and you have a good chance of winning.

  • If you don’t get any callers when you raise big with your pocket aces, you may want to think about your overall play. It could be that you are not raising enough pre flop with other hands and the players at the table have you pegged as only raising when you have big hands. Vary your play.

  • Overall: There isn’t one article on the web that will tell you how to play your pocket aces perfectly. There are too many different factors involved in a hand of poker that have nothing to do with facts. How you should play your aces really depends on what kind of opponent you are up against, the opponents previous plays in the game, pot odds, outs, whether or not the table is tight or loose, etc, etc. Come up with your own thought process that is takes into account all of the factors.

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