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Advanced Omaha Strategy

One of the main things to keep in mind as you play and learn Omaha is that despite what seems like close similarities, this game plays completely different than Texas hold’em, and if you are not able to truly fall in line with the strategies and tactics specifically related to Omaha you will not be successful. This article will cover some of the overall game mentality issues important to Omaha as well as provide some insight into other more difficult forms of Omaha like pot limit.

Play Fewer Hands in Omaha

That’s right, if you thought waiting for good hands to come along was boring in Texas hold’em, you might be in for a surprise with Omaha. It can be just as bad if not worse. The thing with Omaha is that you can create clear advantages and win more easily by waiting for truly the best hands. In Texas hold’em, much of a players profit is made by exploiting or making small edges after the flop. In Omaha you need to play hands that win in the showdown, simple as that. Generally speaking a hand like K794 is awful and will win you nothing. Playing junk hands like this is the best way to consistently lose money in Omaha.

Trying Pot Limit Omaha

Pot limit Omaha is a very fun and challenging game but it can be much more volatile than its limit cousin. Make sure when sitting down to play it for the first time you have a good bankroll and have been very successful at limit Omaha. In Pot limit Omaha there are some different considerations you will have to make:

  • In pot limit Omaha getting all your chips in before the flop is not always that bad of an idea. Doing it in early position can be quite stupid, but if you have a powerful hand that includes AA you are going to be in a very good position.
  • Position is the most important part of pot limit Omaha. Your best opportunities to make money will come when you are in middle or late position or when you have position on the main aggressor. Position is almost so strong in Omaha that it can literally make a less powerful hand on paper, stronger and more profitable. Now, it takes a good player to be able to do this, but with enough skill, you too can turn position into your main advantage in pot limit Omaha
  • When you are out of position try not to get yourself in a position of risking most or all of your chips. Playing in a bad position is the best time to try and tackle small insignificant pots or those where you feel a small bluff might work. Again, regularly trying this for big or highly contested pots is a big no-no and will lose you tons of chips.

Omaha is an excellent game to change up the pace from Texas hold’em. Some players might even find that it becomes their game of choice because of the lower variance and simpler nature of the decision making. Some certainly will feel it is more complicated at first, but with a little study and some experience, you can discover that Omaha is an excellent way to find profits that you may never have found in Texas hold’em. Additionally, pot limit Omaha is an excellent and exciting game that in some ways is much more attractive than no limit hold’em. While you can lose just as much money, it is easier for some players to get into because of the pot limit restrictions. You will also find that bluffing and deception are critically important in pot limit games and might be better able to apply it in an Omaha environment.

Game Specific Strategy