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Prizes You Can Win from Playing Poker

Like I explained on the home page, there are a few different programs out there that allow you to earn points for your play and then redeem those points for cash or prizes.

Below I have compiled a list of the most popular prizes available at Keep in mind that PokerSavvy offers many more prizes than what is shown below, but I have listed only the most popular prizes to keep it simple. In addition to the prizes below, they also offer a variety of poker chip sets, poker software, poker books, poker tables, poker dvd's, various electronics, and more. Click the banner below to get started.

Poker Savvy

Poker Prizes Available at

  • xbox 360Xbox 360 with 60gb Hard Drive - Available for 2600 Savvy Points
  • ps3PS3 with 80gb Hard Drive - Available for 4000 Savvy Points
  • poker chips1000 Piece 11.5 gram poker chip set with case- Available for 1400 Savvy Points
  • poker trackerPoker Tracker 3 - Available for 750 Savvy Points
  • mac bookApple MacBook with 2.1GHz Intel Processor and 120GB Hard Drive - Available for 10,000 Savvy Points
  • cool pixNikon Cool Pix 8 Mega Pixel Digital Camera - Available for 1300 Savvy Points
  • ipod touch32 GB iPod Touch - Available for 3800 Savvy Points
  • nintendo wiiNintendo Wii - Available for 2900 Savvy Points

If any of these prizes seem appealing, click the banner below to visit!

Poker Savvy