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Poker Loyalty Programs and Frequent Player Points Rewards

Every online poker room that wants to compete with the big boys has a loyalty program or player rewards program. The concept behind these systems is very simple. You earn frequent player points for every raked hand you are in. Over time these points accumulate and you will soon have a bunch sitting in your account. Some poker rooms allow you to use these points to enter into satellite tournaments while others allow you to purchase certain merchandise. Depending on the room you may also get to purchase actual retail items. (like ipods, dvd players, books, etc.)

Below I have highlighted the best loyalty/points programs in online poker. If any of them peak your interest, simply click on the room name to visit that poker room and begin playing. If you were a smart prospective player (and I think you are) you would sign up for the poker room through so you can take advantage of both loyalty programs independently.

Yup, double points which means double prizes. Click the banner below to visit and get started after you have determined which room's rewards program is right for you. This is just one of the many perks for playing poker online that you will find on this site.

Aced Poker Rewards SystemPlay at Aced

Aced has a truly unique rewards program called "Outs". Each out is a different "goal" that you must complete to earn points. For example you earn points for getting pocket aces, going all in, winning 3 hands in a row, getting your chipstack over a certain amount, etc. It's a really cool way to do the rewards because the better you play the more points you earn. There are four levels of vip status at Aced. There is club, heart, spade, and diamond. Diamond is the true baller status with the personal concierge and all the perks. As usual you can cash in your points for various prizes and tournament entries.

PokerStars VIP Club

Poker StarsPokerStars has the most complex rewards prorgam I have ever seen. Just looking at the different levels of the VIP program makes my head spin. Pretty much it works like this: Once you make a deposit you are in the VIP club (funny how that works) and then based on your play you get bumped up to different levels. You earn points faster and get better perks the higher your VIP level is. You earn FPP's and VPP's which are not the same. VPP's have no value except to track how close you are to reaching a new VIP level for the month or year. Your FPP's can be accumulated and cashed in for merchandise and retail products similar to Full Tilt's points system. Visit PokerStars.