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Cake Poker Rakeback

Cake Poker is a great site to join if you are a regular online poker player looking for a new room, so you can take advantage of rakeback. Cake offers a lot of revolving promotions to keep things interested. It’s a very busy site with lots of player rewards, on top of rakeback.

The highest rakeback percentage you can expect to find from Cake Poker is 33%. Don’t agree for less and definitely don’t think anyone offering more is a legitimate rakeback dealer. Rakeback is automatically transferred to your Cake Poker player account, in the form of US dollars, once a month, around the 5th of the month each month.

Cake’s rake structure is based on the dealt rake method, meaning that if you are dealt into a hand, the rake is paid by all players, regardless of whether you actually contributed to the pot or folded your hand. The dealt rake is the total amount in rake for the hand, divided by the number of players who participated in the hand, whether they were active or folded. You will end up with a higher net rake at the end of the month, in this type of situation, so it works out for the best in the long run, in terms of rakeback.

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Tournament Fees and Bonus Deductions

Cake Poker RakebackTournament fees are added into a player’s net rake amount, but bonuses are deducted including deposit bonuses, Gold Card Daily Lottery winnings, and Gold Card 500 rewards. The 27% comes from this amount, which is all of the monies you personally paid Cake Poker to play in their online poker room. It’s your money, so why not get some of it back. If you play a little, you can add some extra cash to your bankroll. If you play a lot, you could end up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars back into your pocket every month.

You will often have to clear your cookies before downloading the Cake Poker rakeback software. If you already have Cake software installed on your computer, you will typically have to uninstall any previous versions. When you download the software, use sign up code: 33RAKEBACK to set up your account as a rakeback account. If you already have a money account with Cake Poker, you will have to find another room offering rakeback that you have never deposited with before. Rakeback is only available to new customers of Cake. If you have deposited at Cake Poker before, you are ineligible for a rakeback deal with Cake, but there are many other online poker rooms that you can start up a rakeback relationship with.

Is it Right for YouCake Poker Rakeback

For fixed-limit games, at micro-limits ($0.10/$0.20) the rake is $0.01 per every $0.20 in the pot, capped at $0.20, so if you play at these tables, rakeback will not be that profitable to you, unless you play all day every day.

For $0.25/$0.50 the rake is $0.05 for every $1 in the pot (capped at $1), which can add up to a few dollars for a lot of play. From $0.50/$1 to $1/$2, you will pay $0.25 in rake for every $5 in pot, with a max of $1. Rake taken at tables within the range of $2/$4 up to $50/$100 depends on the number of players, but the rate does not exceed $3. For $100/$200 and up, the rake is $1 for every $100 in pot, with a max of $2 or $5 depending on players.

For pot-limit and no-limit games, the rake can range from $1 to $5 depending on the stakes and the number of players.